Weather Palavas

This page presents the weather in Palavas les flots 3-day forecasts from:

Le Saturday 13 July 2024

Welcome to the weather page of Jet 7, your reliable source of information to best plan your nautical activities in Palavas-les-Flots and at Plage du Prévost. Here, you will find the most recent weather forecasts to help you choose the ideal time for your jet ski, paddle, flyboard, or any other water activity.


We understand the importance of favorable weather for a successful nautical experience. That’s why we provide you with regular, accurate, and detailed weather updates. Information on temperatures, wind, waves, and general weather conditions is presented to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

Check our weather page before embarking on your adventure, and set off confidently, knowing that you have chosen the best time to enjoy the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean. At Jet 7, we are committed to making your experience as enjoyable and safe as possible, and that starts with meticulous weather preparation.